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The Smurfs 3D Movie Review

The Smurfs 3D Movie Review Although the popularity and demand for 3D movies go up, there is no dearth of 3D movies in the theatre. Released on 29th July, the Smurfs 3D presents a modern-day 3D treatment to an age-old Hanna-Barbera cartoon – the Smurfs under the direction of Raja Gosnell. The Smurfs have been enticing a two-decade old generation of kids with their adorable blue color and absolutely naïve presence. As was evident in the trailers, the Smurfs 3D is an in-and-out kids’ movie. The movie offers does offer a series of flickering action scenes here and there but fails to capture the audience’s imagination.

The Smurfs 3D Movie Plot

The Smurfs, originally known as the Schtroumpfs, reach New York when chased down by Gargamel played by Hank Azaria from their village. The Smurfs seek refuge in an apartment inhabited by a Marketing Executive Patrick Winslow played by Neil Patrick Harris and his wife Grace Winslow played by Jayma Mayes, who is pregnant at that time. While Grace adores them, Patrick is annoyed to the world’s end by the singing and dancing of the Smurfs that never stops. So, the story revolves round the Smurfs hailing from a Utopian village and adjusting in the modern-day New York City and the chaotic aftermaths.

It happens so that Gargamel is after the little Smurfs to capture them extract from their essential and unique magic essence. This magic essence would grant immortality to the heinous Gargamel. At the outset, we are made to believe that there lives a pathetic being behind the mask of intelligence and mystery that Gargamel puts on. As the Smurfs try to escape from the clasp of Gargamel, some among them are separated from their group.

The Smurfs 3D Movie Review 

They enter into a vortex, the other end of which opens in the New York City. It is needless to mention that the Smurfs are being constantly chased by the evil incarnate Gargamel and they try to escape all the while and get back to their own village. Also, all these tasks have to be completed by the Smurfs before Gargamel smells their whereabouts and in a limited time period (may be as long as the movie lasts, to talk about real-time experiences).

In the meanwhile, the estranged group led by Papa Smurf voiced by Jonathan Winters tries to conjure the rescuer blue moon which is the only way to get to home. There is symbolism attached to the word Smurf. As the urgency to get to home increases, the Smurfs start using the word ‘smurf’ more frequently bringing in a lot of strangeness to the situation.


Neil Patrick Harris is completely devoted to his role and truly portraits the ecstasy of a just promoted marketing executive as Patrick Winslow and behavior as a husband to a pregnant wife. Well, it was expected both from Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mayes as they are taking a break from their daily soap operas. However, it is Hank Azaria who adds spark to the character of Gargamel and breathes life into the otherwise usual plot and action with his slapstick humor and funny acts. This is what the audience is sure to carry along home.

The Smurfs 3D Movie Setting

The movie offers a great amalgamation of various sites across the New York City. So, when you see the Smurfs wondering and gazing at the Central Park, FAO Schwarz and Times Square with astonishment, you would be looking at them with a sense of familiarity and remember the times you have been there.

The Smurfs 3D Movie Review 

But the Smurfs are so good at making their wandering around an adventure that at times, you might feel that you are looking at a whole new thing.

The Smurfs 3D Movie 3D Effect

The makers in their effort of giving the Smurfs an unmatched CGI makeover have turned the whole movie into 3D and they have done it well. Not even that it was first made into a movie and then a few 3D elements were injected into it for the 3D tag and entry fee. Thanks to creator Peyo who did an incredible job in a limited time period.

The Smurfs 3D Moving Moments

The movie gets really emotional amidst fun and frolic when there is mention of family and values. The Smurfs mingle up quite easily with City life and it is well depicted in the jam session with Patrick and when Smurfette becomes susceptible to fashion. Wise use of modern tools to fight Gargamel is an interesting scene in the movie.

How Is It A Kids Movie

The Smurfs 3D is for the kids and of the kids. This 86-minute long flick is lengthy enough to completely tell the story – with a beginning, a middle and an end. Also, it is not too long and stretched out that the kids feel bored and fall asleep by the time the movie ends. The three apples tall Smurfs look really adorable in their blue avatar, raiding the city on their tiny and straddling footsteps. It does not really bore the people who were already mesmerized at the whole idea of meeting the cute little Smurfs inside the theatre. Not even the parents because they get nostalgic and go back to their childhood that was spent reading and enjoying the Smurfs comics.

The Smurfs 3D Movie Flaws

Being a 3D movie, The Smurfs 3D ought to show some thrilling action and breath-taking scenes. It is expected so but it is not present. Even if it is present, you do not gasp at them. As it is a hiatus role for the ‘legendary’ Neil Patrick Harris, he tries out-and-out to make the movie blow some horns at the Box Office.

The Smurfs 3D Movie Review 

He even goes to the extent of scoffing at the existence of the adorable Blue Smurfs to prove that the movie is to be taken lightly and no har feelings against it.

Who Is It Meant For?

If you have a leisure weekend and do not mind having a relaxing time out there in the theatre with your friends and family, then The Smurfs will definitely entertain you. But if you expected the movie to be a typical 3D movie and went there looking for some hard-core action scenes, like the recent Transformers 3D, then you are sure to return disappointed.

The Smurfs 3D Movie Review 

There is no denying to the fact that The Smurfs 3D is one of those movies that you can really enjoy with your kids – a typically ‘family’ movie. It is a good treat for the devout fans of the Smurfs and also lovers of the color Blue; the film is so blue – in and out. At 86 minutes, it would be like a quick brush through their childhood for the parents.

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