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Makeup Tips for Kids

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Kids have soft and flawless skin. So, it is always better not to use harsh cosmetic products. When applying make up try to give your kid a natural look. Natural and earthy makeup shades suits the kids. Before apply make up, it is always better to use hypoallergenic facial moisturizer.

Makeup Tips for Kids

Makeup Products for kids

  • Blush
  • Foundation
  • Lip liner
  • Lipstick
  • Powder
  • Eye shadow
  • Eye liner
  • Mascara
  • Highlighter

Make up tips for kids

  • Kids cannot understand what not to apply and when to stop applying makeup. So it is always better to purchase simple collection of colors and make ups in order to make them learn the tactics of makeup. There are several cosmetics brands available in the market that manufactures makeup kits for children.
  • It is better to opt for buy subtle colors for your kids. Always choose colors according to the skin tone of your kids. The colors should not appear like makeup. Your kids may love blue lipstick, but it is not something you want your child leaving the house with.
  • Try to apply make to your kids that will easily wash off. Children change their moods frequently. So, they might not like to apply make up for long. Choose make products that can be easily removed using soap and water.
  • Allow your kids to apply the makeup on themselves. It is always better not to choose makeup that is too messy if you want the kid to apply the makeup on themselves.
  • First cleanse the face with a face wash. Then apply translucent powder to create the base. You can apply blusher to the cheeks. Lipstick is a starting makeup. Pink and rosy color on kids suits the most.

Halloween Make up tips for kids

Halloween is round the corner. So, it the time to choose the right costume along with the right make up. You can choose Vampire Face make up, Frankenstein Face make up, Skeleton Face make up, and Witch Face for your kids.

  • Vampire Face Make up:

    To get a blood-sucking vampire appearance. You can paint your kids’ face with white paint. The paler the paint is the more better it looks. Then smudge black eye shadow around the corner of the eyes. You can draw in pointed eyebrows using black eye pencil. To create fake blood from the boundaries of mouth and to apply fangs, you can use red lipstick. Use black eyeliner to draw on a widow’s peak.

  • Frankenstein Face Make up:

    You can also dress your kid in Frankenstein costume. To get the Frankenstein look you have to spray paint your kid’s hair black. Then slick it down by applying a gel. Use green color to paint the face green. Apply black eyeliner to add scars and stitch marks. To get a flat forehead you can use a small cardboard box.

  • Skeleton Face Make up:

    Apply white paint all over your kid’s face and then apply black paint around corners of the eyes. Use can also use black paint on the edges of your nose and mouth. To get spooky-looking nostrils apply black eyeliner.

  • Witch Face Make up:

    Use green face paint. Use can also use eye pencil to draw V-shaped lines in the middle of forehead. Use black eyeliner to create fake wrinkles.

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