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Make Your Skin Ready for Spring

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Is the winter fading away and you are beginning to feel the need to shed those extra layers of clothes? It is definitely spring in the air! But as you throw away your sweaters and replace them with t-shirts, one thing you have to be sure about is the fact that your skin is prepared to face the new weather. So as spring approaches, take care of skin issues with help from the below listed tips and tricks.

Make Your Skin Ready for Spring

Smear Petroleum Jelly – Though winter has faded away, there are a few dry patches on your skin that refuse to heal! Use petroleum jelly on these spots and on the rest of your body before going to bed.

Enroll in a Skin Tuning Session – Just like you change your clothes as spring emerges and winter fades away, so do you have to change your skincare regimen. Visit a spa or salon and opt for facials that help you to get rid of dry and dead skin cells. Also take advice on the daily cleansing and moisturizing routine to be followed at home.

Remove Unwanted Hair – Winters mean covering up your legs and hands. But now that you have brought out your sleeveless tops and short skirts, it is time to get the unwanted hair waxed, razored or lasered. Whether you opt for laser hair removal, waxing or shaving, make sure you moisturize the skin after washing it. Also avoid stepping out in the sun after hair removal. At this time the skin is generally more sensitive and will tan faster.

Use Sun Protection – Using sunscreen lotions or creams is important throughout the year. But spring calls for picnics and short trips; and since your arms and legs will be exposed to direct sunlight at this time of year, it is recommended that you stock up on sunscreen. Use one with SPF 15 and apply after every time you wash your face. Also use other forms of protection such as hats, umbrella and sunshades to keep out the UV rays.

Avoid Using Soaps – Dermatologists recommend to not use soaps during the spring season as these lead to further drying up of skin. Instead use a shower gel which has hydrating and nourishing qualities and restores the lost moisture in your skin.

Use Proper Scrubs – As soon as it is spring, you are embarrassed of the dry winter skin covering your body. Scrubbing is very important during the first few days of spring. Prepare your own scrub at home using salt, shea butter, peppermint leaves, basil leaves, jojoba oil, olive oil and patchouli oil. Mash them together and keep this mixture to be used all through the season before bath at least twice a week.

Take Face Steam – Take a face steam every week at home. Boil one bowl of water. Now place your face above the bowl and cover with a towel so that the steam directly hits your face. This is the best way to cure pimples, pustules, acne and clogged pores. As soon as the process is over, wipe with a damp thin cloth to clean the dirt that accumulates on the skin surface.

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