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Do it yourself hairstyles

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Why do you have to wait till the parlor gives you that desired shape of hair. You are the artist and you can do it yourself. You can also involve a friend to make the process easier. Do it yourself hairstyles are easy to create and costs only your time. A DIY hairstyle is exactly what you need. You need to know your hair and style according to the kind of hair you have. Keep in mind the texture and length of your hair.

Do it yourself hairstyles

DIY Formal Updo: If you do not want to drop at a parlor just for styling your hair, try making an updo all by yourself. There are easy and simple do it yourself hairstyles for formal occasions. This do it yourself updo does not comply with freshly washed hair. You must have dry hair otherwise use a lot of mousse and gel before drying.

Before braiding remember to rub a little hair wax onto your palm. If you have a silky hair it becomes quite difficult to braid you hair. Your hair should be of one length and preferably below you shoulders. The length is better for an updo. You can call your mom or get your friend for this.

What you need for this style: rattail comb, around 25 fancy hairpins, brush, hairspray, smoothing serum and hair-colored bands to match the color of your hair.

How to do it yourself: Part your hair behind the ears and pull it up towards the intended crown area and down and behind the opposite ear. The front section must be clipped out of the way. Brush your hair and make a braid starting at the nape of your neck. And work all the way to the parting. Use an elastic band to secure the braid. A small strand of hair can be wrapped around the band to hide it. Use a hair pin to keep it intact. This small ponytail can be clipped and set aside out of the way. After working on the front and toiling through the entire styling with the help of pins and clips you prepare the best formal updo without a sitting at the parlor.

DIY Wavy hair: This provides you with a casual look. You can attend an informal party with that “miss perfect” look of yours.

How to do it yourself: part your hair with your fingers. It need not be perfect at all. Try crunching a quarter sized blob with a leave-in conditioner and allow it to dry or blow dry if you are in a hurry. You are ready for that wavy hair look. You can try in on both long and shorter hair. This style definitely does not comply with a completely short hair.

DIY Straight Hair: Straight hair is in vogue. It gives a formal and neat look and emphasizes on your personality. I is the easiest of all the do it yourself hairstyles.

How to do it yourself: Part your hair with a brush and blow dry. Use a smoothening serum to avoid any frizz and fly away hair. This hairstyle done by yourself boosts your image, satisfies your creativity and makes you look perfect.

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