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14 Winter Makeup Tips

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Do you wish to look your best in every season? The trick to looking good with the changing seasons is to alter the type of makeup. For instance, your summer makeup cannot be the same as your winter makeup.

Daylight during the winter season is a bright white color, while the summer sun spreads a yellow light. The shade and base of the makeup change due to the change in temperature and other climatic conditions.

14 Winter Makeup Tips

Listed below are some tips and tricks that you can follow while applying makeup during the winter season.

    • Apply richer moisturizers throughout the day – Chilly winds blowing during the winter months take away the moisture of the skin thus making it chapped, parched and broken. In order to keep the skin well hydrated, use a thick moisturizer which has the texture of a cream. People with dry skins must apply the moisturizer more than once during the day. Use a moisturizer with SPF 15.
    • Use matte makeup bases – Use minimum foundation during the winters, and when you do so, make sure that it is matte textured and not dewy. Matte makeup bases do not require the application of powder. More use of powder during winters will give a dull complexion to the skin.
    • Eye makeup is a must – The eye makeup must be bold and bright during the winter months. Use a liquid or cream eyeliner to draw a thick line on the upper lash. Then use neutral shades like gray or brown to highlight the crease of the eye. The eye shadow must be applied in the shape of a half moon. Also remember to curl your eyelashes followed by application of two coats of mascara. All eye makeup products must be waterproof.
    • Choose between lips and cheeks – Highlight either the lips or the cheeks. If you have a high cheekbone, apply a dark colored blush. If your lips are full, use dark colors to accentuate the pout.
    • Choose the right color – Fair skinned people should wear makeup in pastel shades, while dark skinned people can use a blue or maroon based makeup. Jewel tones are apt for the winters because they make up for color that is lost from the skin when the surroundings are icy.
    • Choose your blush correctly – Now that you have decided to highlight the cheeks, use only a powder blush as opposed to a cream blush. Cream formulations provide sheen; powders on the other hand give a matte effect.
    • Use only matte lipstick – Satin textured lipsticks do not last long; matte lipsticks will last for hours without a touchup. Most importantly, only the matte lip colors can get you a pronounced pout.
    • Choose makeup according to exposure – If your skin has to remain exposed to the cold for more than 30 minutes, use a light consistency moisturizer that can be quickly absorbed by the face. Cream based moisturizers will lead to excess moisture that stands out above the makeup and ruins your look.
    • The best foundation – The perfect winter formula foundation is one which has high silicone content. Also use the powder (not the cream or liquid) foundation which is more adaptable to temperature changes.
    • Say no to lip gloss – Avoid using lip gloss during winters. Glosses give a shiny effect but it is the matte look that is more preferable in winters.
    • Say no to talcum powder – Loose talc is to be used only during the summers. They lead to roughness and cracking of the skin which must be avoided at all costs during the winters.
    • No petroleum jelly during the day – Though petroleum jelly is good for skin repairing in winters, use it only during the night. Exposure of skin to the sun after application of the jelly leads to darkening. Also avoid makeup products that contain petroleum jelly.
    • Wear dark clothes – Darker shades of apparel not only make you look brighter during the harsh winters, they also keep you warm as they are better conductors of heat.
    • Best nail color – Copper and blackberry are the best colors to be applied on the nail during winters. Remember to keep the fingernails trimmed short.

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